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DIY: LogicOgic

2 – FlipFlops (Q and NOT Q outs for each, Q1 normalled to FlipFlop2 In)

2 – OR Gates

2 – AND Gates


4 – AND/OR Gates (depending on whether you use a 4001 or 4011. Socket them!)

1 – Buffer

1 – Inverter

(you could pop an XNOR in to the AND/OR gate sockets to create a XOR gate too ;) )

Add them all together and what do you have?



This is a handy module. It’s nice to have a few ORs and ANDs around when you’re fiddling around with your clocks and percussives.


The NOT Q outs from the FlipFlops are fun to stagger your clock pulses or use as a Sub-Oscillator. The Inverter/Buffer can be sent to a Gate-Trigger converter and back to the OR to double your clock.

All the outs are Buffered.


All diodes are 1N4148 and the transistors are laid out on the PCB for 2N3904.

Other transistors should work, but please be aware of different pinouts.

Most of the passive components are 1206SMD but there’s a fistful of 1k through-hole resistors.

The LogicOgic is split in to 2 double-sided PCBs.

The Panel PCB is designed for use with Kobiconn16PJ138 jacks and the jacks and LEDs are aligned with the FrontPanel.

You’ll have to wire the GND pins on the jacks to a GND point on the PCB. I forgot to include one (doh!) so you’ll have to scrape a little soldermask off or share a GND pad with one of the components.

The IC board is designed to connect to the Panel board via Male/Female header pins.

Here’s all the schematics and the placement Docs (2 tops, 2 bottoms, the BOM and the Schematic) in a ZIP file (sorry, no PNP for Rev8 ):


and here’s the individual documents:








Would you like to purchase a set of these PCBs?

You can get them at my Store


I do not promise functionality, support, safety or anything else besides a set of silkscreened and soldermasked doublesided PCBs


This is Not for beginners, make sure you have a look over the docs and see that you understand what’s entailed.


Legacy LogicOgic

(as of 4/16/14)

Make sure you size the PCB PDF to %100. It should be ready to go for toner transfer or PNP.

As of 9/27/12

Got it laid out for eurorack.

LogicOgic 6 ER BOM
LogicOgic 6 ER PCB
LogicOgic 6 ER TopPlace
LogicOgic 6 ER SCH

And Everything:
LogicOgic 6 ER

As of 8/1/12

Here’s the goods:

LogicOgic TopPlace

LogicOgic sch

LogicOgic PCB

LogicOgic BOM


And here’s the whole shebang in one ZIP file:



Would you like to buy a completed eurorack module?

You can get them at my Store